Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hide a Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2016 comes with list default system dashboards. In many cases organization/ clients may not need such a long list of system dashboards appearing on UI.

Default System Dashboard’s should not be deleted from Dynamic CRM. 
If we delete them, there are chances that we may encounter further issues when we try to import any managed solution that reference a deleted dashboard and import will fail as it’s is expecting them.

Now there are two scenario which we need to understand    
1)    Hide a specific dashboard for all users.
2)    Hide a specific dashboards for only few or specific users. 

Hiding a Specific Dashboards for all users.

The best practise says to use security roles to hide them from Crm users.
The steps to hide a system dashboard from any Crm users is

     1)    Open dashboard from default solution from Settings -> Customizations -> Customize the System -> Dashboards   


2)    Click on Enable Security Roles and change radio button from Display to everyone to Display only to selected security roles.

      3)    Unchecked all security role.

This way we can hide specific dashboard from the UI.

Hiding specific dashboards for only few or specific users.

Hiding dashboards from specific user from a security role is not suggested.

We can understand why it’s not suggested by thinking of a situation where users may have same security role and we need to hide dashboards among few of them.

In this scenario we need to create a personal dashboard and then share it with specific users/teams.

Steps to make dashboard visible to specific list of users.

     1)    Create a personal dashboard by clicking NEW on dashboard home page.


2) Select a template accordingly which best suits your requirements.

 3)    Finalize dashboard by configuring various components on dashboards accordingly. 
          Save and close the dashboard.
    4)    Open your dashboard and you would be available with SHARE DASHBOARD option.

  5)    Open Share user dashboard and Choose the users or team you want to share the user dashboard with, 
       and give them specific permissions.

That’s it, only user with given permission would then be allowed to make a use of dashboard.

Happy CRM Learning.