Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I am getting error as - There are too many active security negotiations or secure conversations at the service

I have deployed CRM in cluster environment along with multiple WCF service hosted on other website.

I am performing a load test on my WCF service which are internally referring CRM Sdk and making a call to MS CRM.

The scenario for a load test
Create Account with 100 user load
Create Cases with 100 user load
Create Quotes with 100 user load

Now when I am introducing another load test as
Search Account with 100 user load

I am getting <b> active security negotiations exception</b> from organization.svc of MS CRM as a fault with server too busy.

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Vipin Jaiswal said...

This error is also very intermittent. We reported this issue to Microsoft Team and we tried to replicate the Issue again while turning on CRM Tracing, so that we get more details around faults and exceptions