Friday, September 16, 2016

Email Templates filtering for MS CRM Users based on Country

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One of my client was facing an issue in which CRM user were getting trouble choosing a template when replying to customer.

Problem Statement

Let's take an example to understand the problem statement in a better way.

Assume an organization operates globally in Canada / LATAM / US / India.
CRM Users (the CSR's) have to resolve the case's of a customer's and in reply were suppose to use predefined template configured in CRM.

The problem customer representative (CSR's) facing is they are viewing all templates in the system and its becoming difficult for them to choose the correct template.

The number of templates also getting increased as everyone in the system is creating his / her own templates.

Solution Approach

1) We need to implement business unit for each country and allocate user under respective business unit in CRM.

2) We need to modify security role so that user can have an access to business unit level access on email template.

In this way, we would be managing templates country specific and CSR's won't find it cumbersome to choose the correct templates.

Steps to configure Business unit and security role 

1)      Create or modify a Role with Business-Unit level access for an Email Template.


2)      You need to change the user business Unit depending upon which country he / she belongs to. If you open a user records, you will find changing business unit option as shown in below image.

3)      Once a business unit is changed, we need to manage roles for a user’s. 
      Give user a role which is having template access level equal to business unit level. (as in Step 1)

a.       Click on Manage Role on user record.

b.      Select on role created as depicted in below image.


That’s it.

Now when user may be selecting templates or when responding to case as in activity. 
Only email templates which belongs to their business unit will appear.

Vipin Jaiswal

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