Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Quick Create Form in Dynamic 365 CRM

Quick Create forms are kind of smart form for entering limited information about a certain records on the fly (without navigating to the original entity record).

In Dynamics 365, quick create forms appear when you select the Create button in the navigation bar or when you choose + New when creating a new record from a lookup or sub-grid. 

Limitation of Quick Create Form

Quick create forms only can have one section with three columns. We cannot add more.
The following controls cannot be added to quick create forms:
·         Sub-grids
·         Quick View Forms
·         Web resources
·         iFrames
·         Notes
·         Bing Maps
·         Any Composite field will be displayed as separate fields

Enhancement in Quick Create from Version CRM 2013 to CRM 2015 onwards.
Nested Quick Create in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We can also use JavaScript and CRM SDK to load a quick create form

Need to enable the entity for quick create forms for Opening that Entity or else it will open the normal entity form

Refer an example from below link

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